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HammondCare Greenwich Hospital staff member talking to patient

The Acacia Unit is a 22-bed inpatient facility within HammondCare Greenwich Hospital. All rooms are private with an ensuite and have water views or garden views.

In HammondCare Greenwich Hospital’s Palliative & Supportive Care unit, patient care is shared by a multi-disciplinary team, experienced in the alleviation of a wide range of symptoms.

Nurses, doctors and pharmacists work to reduce such symptoms as pain and nausea, improving patient levels of comfort and their ability to enjoy life.

Physiotherapists with knowledge of mobility and breathing techniques are able to recommend ways of conserving energy and maximising both comfort and independence.

Occupational therapists use their skills to find safe, alternate ways of accomplishing tasks which have become difficult due to illness. Any necessary equipment can be organised.

Diversional therapists offer and assist patients to enjoy the diversion of books, participate in art sessions, music and other activities.

Social workers are available to provide information, support and counselling and can organise practical assistance and community supports.

Chaplains and pastoral care workers are available to patients and relatives in the hospital and the community services. Patient’s own pastoral support is welcome to visit them in the hospital. A visitor from the Catholic church calls regularly and a priest can be paged.

Massage therapists use their skills to relax patients, and reduce symptoms such as pain, swelling and anxiety.

Bereavement services offers information, support and counselling to patients and relatives.

Volunteers, who are trained and experienced, offer support to patients and their families and provide respite in the home to allow carers to have a break.

Further information

Please contact us if you would like more information on the range of services available.

Palliative & Supportive Care Unit
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