Spinal Cord Injury Pain Program

Dr Phil Siddal, Director of the Pain Clinic, talking to a patient

The Pain Management Service at Greenwich Hospital has a particular focus on pain following spinal cord injury and several members of the team are respected internationally for their expertise in this area. With funding assistance from the Lifetime Care and Support Authority, and working in conjunction with the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, a pain program has been developed which is specifically designed for people with pain following a spinal cord injury.

The program involves one day at Greenwich Hospital for assessment and treatment. The rest of the program is delivered via telehealth videolink to make it easier for people in regional and rural areas to access the program without the need to travel. As part of this program, The Spinal Cord Injury Pain Book has been written for people with pain following spinal cord injuries and contains the latest information about spinal cord injury pain and treatments as well as a range of skills and tools for managing pain. Other resources including videos and facts sheets have also been developed and are available from the NSW ACI website.

At present, the program is only available to those covered by the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme or other accident insurance but we are seeking funding from NSW Health to make the program available more widely.

For information about the Spinal Cord Injury Pain Program, please contact the program co-ordinator Rebecca McCabe on (02) 8788 3942.


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