Contact the Pain Clinic

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For any enquiries or if you would like to make an appointment at the Pain Clinic, please ring 8788 3958.


If you wish to be seen at the Pain Clinic, you will be asked to provide two pieces of information:

1. A referral from your GP or specialist

A referral may be made by downloading, completing and sending the referral form below. If you or your GP does not have access to the internet, it can be obtained directly from the Clinic by ringing the phone number below. Alternatively, we accept a standard letter of referral from the GP or specialist.

Pain Management Referral Form Pain Management Referral Form (265 KB)

2. A questionnaire about you and your pain

This questionnaire is important and helps us to work out what type of assessment and treatment is likely to be needed. The questionnaire can be downloaded below or obtained directly from the Clinic

Pain Management Questionnaire Pain Management Questionnaire (514 KB)

Once your appointment has been made, please send the referral form and the completed questionnaire to the address below. When you come to the appointment, please bring all relevant information about your pain as well as investigations such as X rays, ultrasounds and scans.

Referrals and other enquiries can be directed to:

Pain Clinic
HammondCare Greenwich Hospital
PO Box 5084
Greenwich NSW 2065
P (02) 8788 3958
F (02) 9903 8269


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