Pain Management

Dr Phil Siddal, Director of the Pain Clinic, talking to a patient

The HammondCare Greenwich Hospital Pain Clinic provides treatment for people with chronic non-cancer pain and cancer survivors with chronic pain.

The HammondCare Greenwich Hospital Pain Clinic is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and seeks to help people by providing careful assessment and appropriate treatment tailored to individual circumstances. The treatments offered by the Pain Clinic are designed to reduce pain and help with other aspects of life that are affected by pain, including things like physical activities and mood. The clinic uses various approaches to relieving and helping people with their pain.

These include:

All visits to medical specialists in the clinic are bulk-billed with no additional out of pocket expenses.

Contact us

Pain Clinic
HammondCare Greenwich Hospital
PO Box 5084
Greenwich NSW 2065
P (02) 8788 3958
F (02) 9903 8399


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