Fitness Gym

No matter how old we are or how we are challenged by medical conditions, most of us could be fitter. Physical activity is a powerful tool to help prevent and manage chronic conditions. This is the reason HammondCare established the Fitness Gym.

Our goal is to help you achieve better overall health, well-being and fitness.

The Fitness Gym is ideal for people who find traditional gyms confronting or unsuitable. Your fitness program will be personally tailored to meet your unique needs, and our physiotherapists will help you achieve your goals in a professional, motivating and supportive atmosphere.

What’s available?

We have a range of specialised, easy to use strengthening and cardiovascular equipment, including an exercise bike, seated rower, cross trainer and seated leg press. Other options include free weights, fit ball and theraband strengthening.

Starter program

All new participants will join our starter program. The price includes a one-on-one session with a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and 6 gym sessions in a small group.

During your one-on-one session you will work with a physiotherapist to complete a screening assessment and devise a program that suits your needs. A trainer will also introduce you to the equipment and exercises. You will then be booked in for your gym program at regular times, once or twice a week.

Cost: $145

Once your starter program is completed, you can join one of the following ongoing programs:

Six and twelve week gym program

$90.00 for six gym sessions

$170 for twelve gym sessions

Six-week aqua and gym program

The six-week aqua and gym program is for existing hydrotherapy clients only. This program consists of a total of twelve sessions made up of a combination of hydrotherapy and gym sessions, taken over a six week period.

Cost: $170

Casual gym

Casual gym memberships, for flexibility. You pay only when you attend.

Cost: $20 per visit.

Contact Us

Bookings are essential for all gym sessions. You do not need a doctor’s referral to take part but this may be requested by the physiotherapist at your initial assessment.

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