Driver Assessment and Training Service

driver assessment and training client in a car with instructor

HammondCare’s Driver Assessment and Training Service is here to help you drive safely and legally, in accordance with Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) standards.

We provide assessment and rehabilitation training programs. We can also recommend equipment and vehicle modifications for people affected by disability, illness or injury.

What is a driver assessment?

A driver assessment is an evaluation carried out by a specially trained occupational therapist registered with RMS NSW.

The driver assessment serves to determine the impact of a person’s medical condition on their capacity to drive a vehicle and hold a class C licence, with or without modification. The occupational therapist assesses physical, cognitive and perceptual skills in relation to driving.

What does the assessment look like?

The driver assessment consists of four parts:

1. Medical assessment

Prior to assessment, a RMS medical form must be completed by your GP or treating specialist to ensure you are medically fit to participate in the driving assessment.

2. Off-road assessment (2 hours)

The off-road assessment is completed by an occupational therapist to determine whether equipment, vehicle modifications or specialist driving techniques need to be trialed in the on-road component of the assessment. This consists of an interview, physical screen, cognitive screen and vision screen.

This should take approx. 2 hours

3. On-road assessment

An occupational therapist and rehabilitation trained driving instructor conduct the assessment in an automatic dual-controlled car. We allow you to become familiar with the vehicle, initially starting in quiet streets and possibly progressing to more complex driving environments. The impact of your medical condition will be assessed in all aspects of driving.

This should take approx. 90 minutes.

4. Feedback and Counselling

At the conclusion of the assessment, the outcome will be discussed with you and, where appropriate, a recommended driver rehabilitation program will be agreed upon.

What are the outcomes of the driving assessment?

Based on the assessment, a recommendation regarding your driving ability will be made to the RMS. The recommendations can include any of the following:

  • Maintain your current licence with or without a short course of driving remediation lessons
  • Downgrade your licence to a class C learner’s licence in order to complete a driving rehabilitation program
  • Modifications to your car to allow safe and legal driving
  • Suspension of your licence to enable further physical rehabilitation or recovery of your medical condition prior to driving assessment
  • Recommendation of re-assessment
  • Cancellation of your licence

Please note:

  • A cancellation fee is applicable if an assessment or lesson is cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment.
  • Driving assessments are not currently provided under the Medicare schedule, however some private health insurers may support reimbursement for occupational therapy assessment.


To be referred into this service please complete the below referral forms. Please note the RMS referral form must be completed by your treating doctor or medical specialist.

Driver Assessment & Training Centre Referral Form Driver Assessment & Training Centre Referral Form (30 KB)

RMS Medical Form RMS Medical Form (2666 KB)

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