Bereavement Support

A bereavement services staff member talks to a HammondCare Greenwich Hospital patient

Bereavement support is available to support you, your family and friends following the death of a loved one.

Bereavement support offers specialised counselling, information on grief, and other services.

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What is Bereavement Counselling?

Bereavement counselling is a confidential discussion with a specially trained professional who can support you to explore the impact of your loss and identify strategies for coping as well as possible.

Bereavement counselling can assist you to:

  • identify, understand and express your feelings
  • access your own resources and ways of coping
  • access information about the grieving process and what you may expect
  • have an opportunity to talk about the deceased person
  • understand your grief and its impact
  • adjust to a new life in the absence of the deceased person
  • discuss concerns with a sensitive, non-judgement professional

You can expect your counsellor:

  • will listen and learn about your experiences of grief
  • will support you to manage your own grief in your own way
  • will provide information and strategies that might be helpful
  • won't tell you how you should or shouldn't think or feel
  • won't need to be protected from your pain and tears

When can Bereavement Counselling help?

Bereavement counselling may be useful if:

  • Things feel like they are getting worse over time
  • Your grief is having a negative impact on your relationships with others
  • You are wondering how best to support your children, partner, parent or other family members
  • You feel like there is no-one else you can talk to about what you are going through or you are unable to speak about your loved one with others
  • You feel stuck in one feeling (e.g. anger or guilt) for a long period
  • You have persistent, distressing memories about the events surrounding your loved one’s death
  • There are questions or challenges you wish to talk through with someone impartial

Who can use the service?

Family and friends of someone who died and was known to a palliative care service (HammondCare or another service) and who live in the Northern Sydney Local Health District.

A free, confidential Health Care Interpreter Service is available. Ask staff to arrange an interpreter for you. AUSLAN interpreters are also available.

Northern Sydney Local Health District Map:

Northern Sydney Local Health District Map

How much does it cost?

Our bereavement counselling service is FREE.

However, donations are most welcome and will allow us to improve our service. If you wish, you can donate here.

How can I access the service?

The service can be accessed face to face, online via webcam and over the phone.

Bereavement counsellors are located at each of the three HammondCare hospitals in Northern Sydney.

To make an enquiry or to arrange an appointment, please feel welcome to contact us Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, at the location most convenient to you:

Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich: 9903 8333

Neringah Hospital, Wahroonga: 9488 2200

Northern Beaches Palliative Care Service, Mona Vale: 9998 3600

If you are unable to access one of these locations, appointments at home may be arranged in exceptional circumstances. You can also email us at:

For more information about services in Northern Sydney Local Health District click here.

For more information about services in other areas of NSW click here.

How many counselling sessions should I have?

Some people attend for a single session; some attend regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly appointments; and others check in as and when they need to. There are no rules about how often you should attend counselling. You and your counsellor will discuss what arrangements may be most helpful.


Sometimes people may find it useful to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges following the death of a loved one. Our Bereavement Counsellors facilitate groups to provide opportunities to explore the challenges of grief and the things that help people to cope. We have run groups in the past for people raising children following the death of a spouse, for those who have experienced the death of a parent and to provide support around surviving Christmas.

To register your interest in participating in a group please contact one of our bereavement counsellors on 9903 8333 or email

Bereavement Services Resources

Bereavement Checklist: Who to Notify Bereavement Checklist: Who to Notify (797 KB)

Bereavement | The first twelve months and beyond Bereavement | The first twelve months and beyond (916 KB)

Bereavement | Understanding grief Bereavement | Understanding grief (264 KB)

Bereavement | Practical matters Bereavement | Practical matters (275 KB)

Children and Grief Children and Grief (319 KB)

Coping With Anniversaries Coping With Anniversaries (264 KB)

For Professionals

We know that sometimes it can be difficult for people who are grieving to reach out for support. If you are working with someone who would like us to get in touch with them to provide information about the services we provide, and who has given you permission to pass on their details, please complete the form below and email it to:

Bereavement Services Referral Form Bereavement Services Referral Form (120 KB)

Other Community Services you may find useful include:

Australian Centre for Grief & Bereavement

P 03 9265 2100 or Toll Free 1800 642 066

National Association for Loss & Grief

P 02 6882 9222

Solace (for widows & widowers)

P 02 9519 2820

National Centre for Childhood Grief (for bereaved children)

P 1300 654 556

Compassionate Friends (for bereaved parents)

P 02 9290 2355


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