Rhiannan's story - turning grief into care through volunteering

Rhiannan Atchison is one of Greenwich Hospital’s most inspirational volunteers. Having suffered two tragic losses when she was only 16, Rhiannan has turned her heartbreak into a personal mission to help others.

At just 40 years old Rhiannan’s father Paul was dying of bowel cancer and Rhiannan and her two elder sisters spent much of their time in and out of hospital caring for their father. In 2009 Paul sadly passed away at Greenwich Hospital, with his family by his side. In a shocking turn of events Rhiannan’s grandmother then suffered a fatal heart attack within moments of him passing away.

Six years later Rhiannan is back at Greenwich Hospital doing what she can to help patients and families of the palliative care ward. You’ll find her pushing the ‘jolly trolley’ each week, offering patients and their families a drink and a snack, and a chance to forget where they are for a minute.

Rhiannan has also successfully fundraised for the palliative care ward – recently rallying the Northern Beaches and North Shore communities to an auction she organised to raise funds to renovate the family room on the ward. The auction was an incredible success and raised $17,600for the renovation of a much needed space that families and friends can retreat to while they visit their loved ones during their final days.

If you'd like to help Rhiannon raise more money, visit her donation page for more information on how you can help.

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